The Renault-Nissan UB90 Harness Assembly Line Officially Opened

Government, Malaysian and Nissan delegates attend opening ceremony

Brits, June 2011

At a function held at the premises of Pasdec Automotive Technologies (Pasdec) in Brits, the assembly line for the production of automotive electrical wiring harnesses for the Nissan-Renault UB90 project was officially opened by the Malaysian Chairman of Pasdec, YH Dato' Kamaruddin bin Mohammed.

The UB90 project pertains to the popular Renault Sandero and the Nissan NP200 models and it is the first time that Pasdec has produced harnesses for a Renault product.

During a presentation prior to the opening, Kevin Pather, Pasdec’s CEO, expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support that Nissan South Africa has given Pasdec over the years.
“Our relationship with Nissan SA has been built over 28 years,” said Pather, “and we are highly appreciative of the exceptional commercial support, technical assistance and overall encouragement we have received, especially during the tough economic times of the recent global recession. With Nissan’s support, Pasdec has emerged as a strong component manufacturer with a bright future.”

Pather also paid tribute to merSETA, the UIF, the CCMA and NUMSA, who played pivotal roles in ensuring that recruitment and training for the 117 new jobs created for the UB90 project was undertaken even before the contract was officially awarded.

Amongst the guests attending the function were Mr DE Africa (Head of the Planning Commission of the North West Province Government), Mrs R Masha (UIF Deputy Director), Mr V Panday (Manager Projects at merSETA), Mr M Lehutjo (CCMA), Mr Mansor Shah Wahid (Trade Commissioner – Malaysia), and Messrs C Sweetman, G Quin and P Bredenkamp (Nissan South Africa).

Flying in from Pasdec in Malaysia were Dato’ Kamararuddin Bin Mohammed, Dato’ Rahim Ali and Mr. Goh Han San.