Pasdec Invests in Leading-Edge Electronic Data Interchange Solution

EDI system will significantly enhance production planning & customer service for Nissan SA

Brits, June 2011

Pasdec Automotive Technologies (Pasdec), together with its ERP service provider, QAD, is currently implementing an EDI data exchange with Nissan South Africa.

The system which is universally used in various industries has many advantages and benefits.
The most obvious benefit is the controlled receipt of the customer’s requirements, both as an on-going forecast and an immediate delivery instruction for daily deliveries.

The customer’s requirements are integrated seamlessly into Pasdec's ERP system, eliminating manual data capture.

An immediate snapshot is then available of the customer’s requirements, and facilitates any necessary changes in production planning, material orders and facilities planning.
According to CEO, Kevin Pather, this significant investment and the associated upgrading of skills is part of Pasdec’s ongoing efforts to continuously enhance infrastructure and improve service.

“Pasdec,” says Pather, “is committed to keeping pace with international manufacturing standards and we are confident that the new EDI system will show immediate benefits for Pasdec and Nissan.

First phase testing was completed at the end of May and the Initial Data Interchange is scheduled for the 6th of June. Data acceptance will take place on the 20th of June and the system will be signed off and will go live on the 1st July.