CEO of Pasdec Holdings Berhad
Concludes Successful Visit to South Africa

Brits, May 2012

YH Dato’ Mohd Khairuddin Hj. Abdul Manan, the CEO and President of Pasdec Holdings Berhad, was a special invitee to the recent board meeting of Pasdec Resources SA Ltd held on the 19th April 2012.

This visit by Dato' Mohd Khairuddin (far right on the photo) was an ideal opportunity for him to see first-hand the progress being made at Pasdec’s two plants in Brits, as well as to tour CRH Africa Automotive’s plants in Wynberg and Port Elizabeth and visit Nissan SA.

In addition to gaining insight into both operations, Dato' Mohd Khairuddin was able to spend valuable time with the respective management teams.

During the board meeting and throughout the visit, Dato' Kamaruddin bin Mohammed, Pasdec’s Chairman (third from right in picture above), emphasised the need for the organisations’ executives, managers and line managers to lead, guide and train in order to optimise global competitiveness.

The Chairman said, “Management at all levels must Lead by their exemplary behaviour, by providing forums for employees to grow, by employing strategic thinking for today and tomorrow within the business unit, and by creating a dynamic team environment. Above all, management must promote good governance and best practice at all times.”

He went onto say that, “Management must also Guide by providing their teams with mentorship and support. By sharing experience and expertise we can avoid potential pitfalls and avoid repeating historical errors. There are many valuable intellectual capital resources within the group that can be utilised to solve problems and ensure smooth operations.”

Dato' Kamaruddin bin Mohammed also emphasised the need to Train. “It is incumbent on you to embrace on-going education in your field of expertise and to ensure that you keep up to date with best practices. In the process, you will be well equipped to provide added-value to your internal and external customers by going the extra mile and providing more than just the basics and minimum.”

Kevin Pather, CEO & MD of Pasdec Automotive Technologies said that it was a privilege to be able to spend time with the board of directors and that the Chairman’s focus on leading, guiding and training will be incorporated into the company’s practices and ethos.